Community Response Map

1. Personal details of the returnee
Date of Birth: 
Friday, April 4, 1952
Type of Returnee: 
Project Code: 
IOM Case Number: 
Level of Education: 
Country of Departure: 
Departure Date: 
Wednesday, February 22, 2017
Interview Date: 
Sunday, July 1, 2018
If applicable: type of reintegration assistance (tick all that apply): 
Housing support
Interview Method: 
In person
Medical Case
City / Area of Return: 
Length of absence from the Country of Origin: 
Less than 5 years
2. Overall situation after return – crosscutting issues
2.1. Do you have access to basic shelter, essential food and potable water? : 
2.2. As a returnee, having access to public services and social security schemes is for you: : 
The same
2.3. In comparison with the situation before you left – how do you perceive the current situation in your home country now?
2.3.a Economic situation : 
2.3.b Health system: 
2.3.c Infrastructure and basic services: 
2.3.d Housing access: 
2.3.e Social and cultural life: 
The same
2.3.f Public safety/Security: 
2.3.g Education opportunities: 
3. Reintegration into the economic sphere
3.1. As a returnee, having access to employment is for you: : 
The same
3.2. Please clarify your current status (tick all that apply): : 
3.2 Please explain: 
The returnee's age and health situation is not allowing him to work.
3.3. How are you able to support yourself now? (tick all that apply): 
3.3 Please explain: 
Daughter of the returnee is working and supporting her father also.
3.4. Is the income enough to support yourself and/or a member of your family/community?: 
Not applicable
4. Access to basic public services
4.1. As a returnee, having access to medical services, housing/accommodation, education for you or your children (if applicable): 
The same
4.2. Are you satisfied with your access to medical services, houses/accommodation, education for you or your children (if applic: 
Yes, but only partially
4.3. If you face difficulties please precise the field and reasons (more than one can apply):: 
Medical services
Problems in continuing / starting an adequate medical/therapeutic treatment
Medical services too expensive
5. Social reintegration
5.1. How did your family/friends react to your return?: 
5.2. Have your family/friends played any role in facilitating your reintegration in your region of origin?: 
I dont know
5.3. Have you experienced any difficulties in readapting to the local culture, customs, and norms in your community?: 
5.4. Do you feel that you will be able to rely on your family/community in the future?: 
I dont know
6. Delivery of reintegration assistance in the country of origin
6.1. How long did it take from the moment you returned until you met with IOM staff with regards to the provision of your reinte: 
More than one month
6.1 Please explain: 
I was new to the community and had no Idea what will be the best option for utilizing the reintegration assistance. Decision making and documents preparation took long time.
6.2. Was it easy for you to contact the IOM office (in person/by phone)?: 
6.3. Has the distribution of the in-kind reintegration assistance already started?: 
Yes, I received the entire reintegration grant
6.4. Have you encountered any problems with the delivery of the reintegration assistance? : 
No problem
7. Final questions/recommendations made by the returnee
7.1. Do you consider that your decision to return was a good decision : 
Yes, my expectations have been fulfilled
7.1 Please explain: 
Yes, I am happy of my return as my age and health situation was not capable to work and there was no one available to support me financially.
7.2. How satisfied are you with your overall current situation? : 
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied – ( go to question 7.6)
7.6. How would you assess the impact of the reintegration assistance in meeting your basic needs during the first months upon re: 
Average, the reintegration assistance has met part of my basic needs
7.6 Please explain: 
The reintegration assistance has covered my housing rent but I need some medical assistance as well.
7.7. How would you assess the impact of the reintegration assistance on your self-sufficiency (i.e. to be able to satisfy your n: 
High, I will not require assistance from external sources
7.7 Please explain: 
My housing need is fully fulfilled and I don't need further support in this section.
7.8. If your dependent(s) returned with you, how did the reintegration assistance benefit them specifically?: 
My wife and son returned with me. My son has utilized his reintegration assistance for purchasing household items and me and my wife utilized our reintegration assistance for the housing rent. Now, we all are comfortably living in the same house.
7.9. Where do you see yourself living in the future?: 
In the current place of return
7.11. Please give general feedback and suggestions how your reintegration process could have been improved.: 
The returnee suggested increasing the amount of reintegration assistance and including some cash assistance in the reintegration package.
7.12. Did the provision of reintegration assistance influence your decision to return:: 
Yes, this was an important factor.
8. Assessment by IOM Reintegration Staff in country of origin
8.2. Additional comments: : 
IOM Kabul monitoring team have visited the returnee for monitoring his reintegration process. During the monitoring visit, we met the returnee and talked to him regarding his reintegration process. The returnee has expressed his happiness regarding his housing situation and he was satisfied of his overall situation after return. We have talked to the daughter and wife of the returnee as well and they were happy of their living condition and said that the reintegration assistance had positive impact on their living standard.
Photo Description 1: 
Photo taken during the monitoring visit.
Level of Education: