Community Response Map

1. Personal details of the returnee
IOM Case Number: 
UK-Forced 1,352
Project Code: 
September 10, 2017
Interview Method: 
2. Reintegration measures implemented
Reintegration measures implemented (tick all that apply): 
Business set-up
Did someone else take part in the decision on how to use the available reintegration assistance? (tick all that apply): 
Please comment: 
Only my family was involved in making the decision.
Have you gained any qualifications, skills or experiences abroad that you would not have gained in your home country: 
No – please precise why
Please precise: 
No, it was not possible because I lived there illegally and I was not allowed to work or study.
Business set-up
Business Status: 
3. Final remarks
Was the project flexible enough to take into account your specific situation (age, sex, family, education, etc.)? : 
I prefer not to say
Do you consider that you received sufficient relevant information before you returned? : 
What are your long term goals/future plans? : 
Expand existing business
Would you need to meet/discuss again to keep following up the implementation of your reintegration plan? : 
Please explain why:: 
My business is running well and I am not entitled for more reintegration assistance thus I don't need to discuss my reintegration plan again or further.
IOM comments: 
As the returnee has started his business in a remote area hence the monitoring interview was conducted in IOM office. The returnee is satisfied of the business progress and its monthly income, he further added that he has planned to purchase one more milking cow so that to expand his business bigger.
Photo Description 1: 
Mr. Rahmanullah in his business location.