Community Response Map

1. Personal details of the returnee
IOM Case Number: 
UK-Forced 1,423
Project Code: 
June 24, 2018
Interview Method: 
By phone
2. Reintegration measures implemented
Reintegration measures implemented (tick all that apply): 
Business set-up
Did someone else take part in the decision on how to use the available reintegration assistance? (tick all that apply): 
Family, Friends, IOM in country of departure
Please comment: 
My family members, friends and IOM counselling team has influenced my decision for utilizing the reintegration assistance for setting up livestock business.
Have you gained any qualifications, skills or experiences abroad that you would not have gained in your home country: 
Yes – please precise which ones, and how they are useful/helpful
Please precise: 
I work for two years and I learnt a lot regarding quality assurance, customer satisfaction and other aspects of the business.
Business set-up
Please specify activity: 
Amount received: 
Business Status: 
If Operational: 
New business
Did you change your business or its status after your received the assistance (from partnership to single business for instance): 
Please comment: 
Since my business is running well thus I haven't brought any major change in my business or its status.
How much income does the business generate for you per month?: 
Are you able to make savings from your generated income?: 
Is the business employing staff?: 
If not employing, why not?: 
No need
Overall Impressions on the progress of the activity: 
The business is operational and the returnee is happy of his business progress. The returnee said that his family is also assisting him in managing the livestock while he is out of city or busy in some other activity.
Business Start: Apart from iom assistance what other funds were used to open the business?: 
Personal savings
Comments (eg: how much did the returnee contributed himself to the business?): 
395 USD was contributed by the returnee from his personal savings for setting up the business.
Business Impact: Impact on beneficiary family and community? : 
Income generated enough to support family
General remarks: 
I am having enough income to support my family through my business income.
Any problems encountered with delivery of IOM reintegration: 
Further assistance required?: 
Additional funds needed for?: 
Further expansion of business.
The returnee has established livestock business in Logar province, he is happy of his business progress and is committed for further expansion of the business.
Business Training: Did the returnee undertook business training: 
If No, why not?: 
No training available
3. Final remarks
Was the project flexible enough to take into account your specific situation (age, sex, family, education, etc.)? : 
Yes, please specify
Please specify: 
The project was enough flexible considering my age, family background, educational level and being out of country for a long period.
Do you consider that you received sufficient relevant information before you returned? : 
I prefer not to say
What are your long term goals/future plans? : 
Expand existing business
Would you need to meet/discuss again to keep following up the implementation of your reintegration plan? : 
Please explain why:: 
Since I already received my entire reintegration assistance and my business is operational thus there is no need to discuss it further.
IOM comments: 
The returnee has started his business in Logar province which is considered is insecure and remote area hence the monitoring interview was conducted via phone. During the monitoring interview the returnee was happy of his business progress and satisfied of his business income. The returnee is committed for further expansion of the business and investing more in it.
Business Setup Update: