Community Response Map

1. Personal details of the returnee
IOM Case Number: 
Project Code: 
August 02, 2017
Interview Method: 
By phone
2. Reintegration measures implemented
Reintegration measures implemented (tick all that apply): 
Business set-up
Did someone else take part in the decision on how to use the available reintegration assistance? (tick all that apply): 
No one else than yourself
Have you gained any qualifications, skills or experiences abroad that you would not have gained in your home country: 
No – please precise why
Please precise: 
We were living in jungle and could not have access to anything.
Business set-up
Business Status: 
3. Final remarks
Was the project flexible enough to take into account your specific situation (age, sex, family, education, etc.)? : 
Partly, please specify
Do you consider that you received sufficient relevant information before you returned? : 
Please specify: 
They only said you will have some cash assistance.
What are your long term goals/future plans? : 
Please Specify / Other: 
Anything which make money, whether employment, opening a business or etc.
Would you need to meet/discuss again to keep following up the implementation of your reintegration plan? :