Community Response Map

1. Personal details of the returnee
IOM Case Number: 
UK-Forced 1,381
Project Code: 
January 14, 2018
Interview Method: 
In person
2. Reintegration measures implemented
Reintegration measures implemented (tick all that apply): 
Business set-up
3. Final remarks
IOM comments: 
IOM Kabul monitoring team have visited the returnees business location on 14-Jan-18. During the monitoring visit the business partner of the returnee was present in his business location but the returnee himself was not present. Business partner of the returnee said that the returnee is in in his native village and it is not clear when he will return back. Business partner of the returnee has provided us the contact number of the returnee but the returnee has never received our call. We have tried to approach the returnee via his phone number but we never succeed to approach him. Last contact with the returnee was made 14-March-18 but he has not received the call.
Business Setup Update: