Community Response Map


Total Respondents




0 respondents
20 respondents
0 respondents
0 respondents
Adult Unspecified
0 respondents
Where are you currently employed
Ministry 15
Govt. Agency 3
Private Company 2
Your highest level of education
Master’s degree 13
Bachelor degree 7
Marital Status Nid
Single 16
Married 4

Situation prior to return / Preparations in country of residence

How did you learn about the RQA programme?
Internet 15
Relatives / friends 13
Afghan Associations 3
Radio / TV 1
NGOs 1
Why did you decide to participate in the RQA programme? (Please check all applicable choices)
I wanted to contribute to the reconstruction of Afghanistan 18
I wanted to get some work experience. 12
I was not satisfied with my situation in the country of residence. 7
The job was interesting. 3
I wanted to re-join my family/relatives. 2
Other reasons 1
What were your expectations when returning to Afghanistan? Nid
Increased job opportunities 9
I would be able to contribute to the reconstruction of Afghanistan 6
Increased security 4
My qualifications and experiences are greatly needed in Afghanistan 1
What are your concerns/fears now that you have returned to Afghanistan? Nid
Poor security situation 16
Too many changes, I feel like a stranger here 2
Increased poverty 1
Social and political instability 1
Were you familiar with the political, economic and security situation in Afghanistan prior to your return? Nid
Yes 19
No 1
Was your last monthly income in Iran higher or lower than your RQA allowance? Nid
Lower 13
Higher 3
Did you quit your job in Iran to participate in the RQA Programme? Nid
Yes 16
No 1
Were you planning to return to Afghanistan before you knew about the programme? Nid
Yes 13
No 4
Prior to your return, how did you expect the living and working conditions in Afghanistan? Nid
I expected the situation to be better than it actually was 9
I expected the situation to be exactly the way it was 6
I expected the situation to be worse than it actually was 5

How would you rank each of the following aspects of the RQA programme?

RQA Programme

a. Duration of the recruitment process (the period between submitting your application and the actual start of work) b. Duration of the contract (the period during which you are employed under your RQA contract) c. General support received from IOM Total
Good Fair Good 4
Good Good Fair 2
Good Good Good 2
Good Fair Fair 2
Very Good Good Very Good 2
Fair Poor Fair 1
Fair Fair Good 1
Poor Fair Fair 1
Very Good Very Good Good 1
Poor Fair Good 1
Fair Poor Good 1
Good Fair Poor 1
Very Good Good Good 1
Level of responsibility Nid
Specialised / technical 14
Middle level management 3
Top level management 2
In your opinion, how useful are your skills and knowledge going to be for your employer? Nid
Useful 10
Very useful 8
Somehow useful 1
Not very useful 1
Before the RQA assignment, if you were employed, was your salary commensurate with your skills, expertise and experience? Nid
Lower than my level of qualifications and expertise 7
According to my level of qualifications and expertise 6
Far lower than my level of qualifications and expertise 4
Where do you believe you are making better use of your qualifications/expertise? Nid
In Afghanistan 17
Both in Iran and Afghanistan 3

Social Reintegration – after return

Do your dependants (inside or outside Afghanistan) rely on you for financial support? Nid
Yes 15
No 4

General considerations/comments

In your opinion does your role under the RQA programme contribute to the reconstruction of Afghanistan? Nid
Yes 20
Would you recommend the programme to other Afghans living abroad? Nid
Strongly recommend 20
As a RQA participant, you will automatically be included in the RQA database and its employer match-making tool. If you do Nid
Yes 2
No 1