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Herat Cash for Winterization Assistance - Post Distribution Monitoring January 2019

Humanitarian Assistance Program (HAP) provides assistance (Cash and In-kind) to natural disaster affected/displaced population across Afghanistan. As ESNFI Cluster co-chair, IOM initiated is actively engaged in developing winterization strategy that aims to assist the most vulnerable population (conflict/natural disaster IDPs, returnees and other vulnerable groups) in winter. IOM in-line with cluster winterization strategy, initiated winterization assistance to the vulnerable families in Herat Province and assisted 1502 families with the provision of cash for winterization. The distribution of assistance was followed by Post Distribution Evaluation (PDM). The PDM is an important element of assistance provided by HAP which is meant to understand the distribution process, impact of the assistance, beneficiaries satisfaction level, and overall issues around assessment and distribution to ensure due diligence and improvement in the next programming.